Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Shen Consulting, Inc. provides for the overall quality and quality compliance for the client contract. We plan, organize, compile and manage all quality processes, audits, corrective actions, material review board and day-to-day activities of employees. Implements and maintains quality control systems in compliance with customer and company requirements.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Shen Consulting, Inc. provides QA/QC services to ensure that construction documents & procedures are properly developed and maintained over the course of a project. We have worked large, multi-billion dollar capital projects to small scale projects with budgets of less than $1 million.

We specialize in:

  • Performing design reviews in the development of contract documents at production milestones, typically at:
  • Concept Development
  • Design Development
  • 60%, 90% complete
  • Bid-ready stage
  • Editing and coordinating Specification Divisions 0 and 1 to meet clients’ policies and standards
  • Developing Quality Assurance policies and procedures (QA/QC) with design consultants for intra and inter-disciplinary coordination at production milestones
  • Performing periodic audits of design consultants and sub-consultants’ QA/QC activities for intra and inter-disciplinary coordination to assure compliance with QA/QC
  • Developing standards and techniques with contractors for record documents preparation and conducting periodic reviews of the as-built documents during construction
  • Performing Change Order and Trend Log Analysis
  • Providing technical assistance to Contract Management in the development of technical manuals and client standards

Mr. Greer is Shen Consulting Inc.’s Quality Assurance specialist. He is experienced in all aspects of building design and construction and provides Quality Assurance to projects at all levels.

Example projects