Sea-Tac Airport Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program (CSMP) ($80M)

In 2003, The Washington State Department of Ecology issued a new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit to the Port of Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport.  As a condition of the NPDES Permit, the Port of Seattle was required to start construction of these new storm water facilities by July 31, 2006 and complete them by July 31, 2007 in order for the Third Ruwnay to be approved.  In addition, the project required that the airport conduct a full facility assessment to confirm water quality drainage data for the various drainage basins that covered the entire airport facility.   Upon completion of the new facilities the Port was to also complete site-specific water quality standards for pollutants under their new NPDES permit.  Shen Consulting provided project management services on all aspects for the CSMP over the entire airport facility that included design document development, bid and construction support, operations coordination, airport tenant coordination, utility coordination and overall project management oversight.  The major project construction components included:

  • Flow Control Mitigation
  • Water Quality Mitigation
  • Low Stream Flow Mitigation
  • Various source control and water quality best management practices
  • An 11-acre foot Stormwater Detention Pond and Water Quality Treatment Facility (SE Pond)
  • SE Pond Tunnel (2500 foot long, 55” new conveyance line utilizing laser guided microtunnel technology
  • North Employee Parking Lot Stormwater Detention Pond
  • SDN1 Stormwater Detention Pond
  • SDS4 Stormwater Detention Pond

With Shen Consulting’s project management oversight it enabled the Port of Seattle to complete the CSMP on time and under budget.

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“Shen Consulting provided critical Project Management for a variety of capital projects, ranging from $200,000 to $5 Million over the past 13 years…
…Shen and his team have the flexibility an ability to co-locate into client offices, understand client culture quickly, and turn all of it into success.”

– George England, Program Leader, Landside/Stormwater