Outer Hylebos Habitat Restoration Design Engineering Services – Port of Tacoma

In 2011, the Port of Tacoma selected Shen Consulting to provide design services for the habitat enhancement of two shoreline tidal saltmarsh sites along the Outer Hylebos mudflat area of Commencement Bay. The restoration project was mandated by a consent decree among the Port, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and the USEPA, in response to the need for mitigation associated with the 1993 Lincoln Ditch Mitigation Plan. Shen Consulting is providing final design engineering services over an aggressive design period in order to advertise, bid and construct the project during the 2012 open in-water work window. The project elements include the use of engineered logjam to provide the proper tidal flow control that would allow establishment and long-term performance of upper and lower tidal saltmarsh vegetation.