Albert Shen,

Albert brings more than 15 years of project management experience in environmental, wireless, ports and aviation agency clients. For the last 15 years his experience on capital projects has focused on transportation, civil infrastructure and storm water management projects. He has been a senior project manager for many large-scale projects at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport such as the recent, new $419M Consolidated Rental Car Facility, the Comprehensive Storm water Management Program and the airport’s parking garage parking guidance system. He has also worked on the Port of Seattle Terminal-5 Capital Development program and several regional environmental consulting projects at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and other industrial and governmental environmental project. Mr. Shen has extensive experience in the wireless communications industry and was a program manager for Voicestream (now T-Mobile) Wireless’s build out in Washington State.

In the local community, Shen lends his expertise to support educational institutions, non-profit community organizations, civic committees, business organizations and political advocacy groups. He was appointed by Governor Gregoire to serve on the Seattle Community College Board of Trustees and was a Commissioner to the Washington State Commission on Asian and Pacific American Affairs to advise the Governor as the Vice Chair of Economic Development. He is a continuous advocate for the small business community on a variety of economic issues and has hosted numerous roundtables on small business economic development. Shen also serves on several non-profit boards, civic organizations and various roundtables

Shen holds a BA in Chemistry and BS Environmental Science from the University of Washington.

Paul Shen,

Vice President, Senior Construction Manager, P.E.

With more than ten years experience in construction, environmental and demolition construction management activities, Paul Shen has led construction management, specifications compliance, concrete testing, soil density testing, sub-grade inspections, soil mechanical analysis, and aviation lights systems inspection for various airfield related projects. Recently he was instrumental in leading field construction management activities for one of the most aggressive and operationally challenging runway rehabilitation projects in the Pacific Northwest. Paul was the main coordinator on site to ensure that the contractor and airport operations were in constant communication for the Sea-Tac Airport 16L Runway program. This was an extremely operationally challenging project as aircraft operations had to cross the runway project in order to land or depart.. He has extensive field experience with underground utilities and systems for design and construction activities and is highly capable with onsite construction conflict resolution.

Paul Shen holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.

Glenn Chouinard,

Senior Project Manager, P.E.

With more than 30 years of project management experience in the planning design and construction of transportation infrastructure projects Glenn Chouinard has extensive experience in design management and utility program management. His experience includes over a decade of involvement at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport and its environs. As part of consulting firms serving the Port of Seattle he has managed many large-scale infrastructure projects that involved coordination with multiple area jurisdictions and private/public utilities that service the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. These include Puget Sound Energy, Highline Water District, Midway Sewer, City of Sea-Tac, City of DesMoines, Washington State Department of Transportation, AT&T and other private telecommunications companies.

David McCraney,

Senior Environmental Project Manager

Prior to joining Shen Consulting, Mr. McCraney served as Grette Associates’ Senior Project Manager. The firm’s client base includes individual property owners, small and medium sized companies; city, county and tribal governments; public ports, and large corporations. As the company’s Senior Project Manager, his duties included supervising technical and administrative staff members and the management of projects with environmental review and permitting budgets of as much as $3 million and total project values that could exceed $ 1 billion. While discharging his responsibilities as the Port of Seattle’s Manager of Environmental Review and Permitting Manager, David McCraney oversaw the review and permitting of the organizations entire portfolio of Aviation, Maritime, and Economic Development projects. This work entailed the oversight of all State and National Environmental Policy Acts activities as well as a variety of required federal, state, and local land use permits. He was responsible for the management and supervision of Port employees and directing the work of approximately twenty consultants. The annual budgets for this work ranged from $4-$6 million. The capital value of the permitted projects exceeded $5 billion. During Mr. McCraney’s tenure with the State of Washington, he served three Governors in a variety of senior positions with the Departments of Community, Trade, and Economic Development, Fisheries, and Ecology; and in the Office of the Governor.

Gerry Greer,

Senior Architect

Gerry Greer brings more than 30 years of experience managing all phases of building design and construction on a wide range of projects, including project management for the $300 million Airport Terminal Expansion and construction management for the Port of Seattle and Washington State. Greer also provides quality assurance, design review, charge order analysis, and auditing for the $3.2 billion Airport Capital Improvement Program.

Greer is a Registered Architect in Washington State. He earned his Masters in Architecture from Polytechnic of North London (UK).

Naomi Umino,

Senior Project Manager/Estimator – Architect, AIA

Naomi has twenty years of experience in building construction, cost estimating, cost analysis, project planning, project administration, and project management. She has combined a formal education in both Architecture and Building Construction with a broad array of construction field experience to develop a firm grasp of the full building construction process. Naomi has been involved in large scale disaster programs; new construction and renovation projects; construction cost estimating, scheduling, and design/build project coordination. Her background has made her valuable and versatile from the initial phases of planning through bidding and construction. She has extensive experience with estimating programs such as: Commercial office, retail, hotels, transporation, ground up buildings and change orders and has applied her estimating skills on projects in range of $ 10,000 to $300 million. Most recently she led estimating efforts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency on one of the most costiliest natural disasters in US history, Hurricane Katrina.