Environmental Review

Shen Consulting team has extensive, successful experience leading the mandated environmental reviews of development projects under both the National and State Environmental Policy Acts (SEPA) & NEPA) that are, timely,cost effective and legally defensible.

Permit Assistance
Development projects in the Pacific Northwest often involve a complex suite of federal, state and local environmental permits, consultation under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), as well as concurrence from Tribal Governments. Shen Consulting’s team professionals take a science-based approached to permitting that has enabled a full spectrum of public and private clients to obtain needed permits according to schedules and without onerous conditions.

Compliance and Monitoring
Legal requirements to comply with permit conditions , including any mandated post construction monitoring requirements are sometimes not met. Our team has the experience to make certain these obligations are efficiently met, thus avoiding potential citations and violations, and helping clients to maintain their reputations, to the benefit of future developments.