Sea-Tac Airport Airfield Capital Development

Sea-Tac Airport Airfield Capital Development ($100M)

The Existing runway 16L/34R is the longest runway at Sea-Tac Airport at 11,901 feet, able to accommodate all aircraft, yet essential for long haul passenger carriers and heavy freighters. Originally constructed in 1944, 16L/34R has undergone various extensions and improvements, including an overlay in 1992. The activation of 16R/34L, the new “Third Runway”, enables Sea-Tac Airport to close 16L/34R during the 2009 construction season for reconstruction while maintaining the operational capacity of two runways.

Shen Consulting was selected as the lead Construction Management consultant for the complete reconstruction of Runway16L/34R, which included oversight of the following:

  • Portland Cement Concrete pavement with asphalt concrete shoulders
  • New Airfield Lighting Vault
  • Third Runway Storm Water Pond Facilities Conversion
  • New FAA Runway Status Light System, including intersecting taxiway work
  • Des Moines Nursery Site Mitigation
  • Infrastructure replacement involving electrical, communication, water, industrial waste, and stormwater components.

With Shen Consulitng Inc. leadership, the project was completed within a (6) month construction window and was one of the most aggressive construction schedules due to potential impacts to aircraft operations.

See a video update from the Port of Seattle:

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